“Can’t help won’t” — Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome
Neil Ayres

This is an excellent article. Thank you! I have shared it with family, friends, teachers, school administration, and doctors. It completely describes my son and his daily struggles and our journey in various directions as we attempt to figure out how to get him the help that he needs. It was such a relief to find out about PDA as it ticks all of the boxes for him. PDA IS REAL and I am hopeful our country will start to recognize this as a true Autism diagnosis so that we can get the services and educational assistance we need! So many children are falling through the cracks with misdiagnoses. Joining the PDA forums has been helpful in finding that we are not alone in this and by providing an extensive amount of research and techniques to use to try and improve our daily life raising our son. Every day can feel like a battle and it can be extremely tough but I am still committed to trying to support him and guide him in this world that just does not seem to agree with him.

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