you said, “find me;

i am again, lost in this world.”

how odd that when you’re lost, so am i- that the pathway back to

yourself leads to me; just as the path back to myself leads to you —

the former a journey unto itself-

do you think the God of ALL will

continue to allow us to, forever, play this game of clue?

awaken from your sleep! bump your head no more-

shake the darkness from the obvious-

know that your soul’s light, your beshert, has

crossed onto the trail each time you’ve

whispered,”find me.”

there is always something to be said about

things found in due time — so, trust me, when I say,

“I feel this is the last time

we shall be allowed to discover each other.”

come home; before I am, again, missing the sum of myself

which is the half of me that is the whole of you —

m.d. taylor

© all rights retained by the author

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