Umph Poem#2

remission is over

and like a cancer you

are back

to pick dry

the already rotted love

from my heart —

Your hugs are like pain in disguise

and you should wonder

about my anger; while saying,

“I do hope something of myself

left a postive feeling.”

m.d. taylor


The nerves on my inside made the hairs

On my arms stand up

And thoughts of holding my breath for

You to come back made me crazy —

I am a woman built of nothing but emotions

hidden behind white teeth that are stained

by hurt.

My soul has been raped

and I am still holding my breath

and maybe that’s why the hairs on my arms

are standing up again

and maybe that’s why

I am writing a poem to you from the

insane asylum, with love.

m.d. taylor

(. . . for Oriana Fallaci- she warned me/us years ago)

Her mouth

was a siren

going off:

“I think probably

there is going to be a

a third world war.”

And I ran

through war images

in my mind

with fear holding

my every heartbeat.

I knew how

it felt to be a victim —

Before . . .

. . .. during and

after the


you are like a

mutant dog

either mad and barking

at the world

or hiding from it.

~ m.d.


Again June,
and suppressed feelings grow outward
rising from beneath the soil
half nurtured on remembrances and expectations-
In Birmingham you raise different feelings
changing them to an emotional attitude-
there are unspoken moods hidden
at the roots of this growing-
in refusing to till
the soil
both heart and soul
are betrayed
I always knew
weeds were capable of killing
You blooming
during the worst summer
of my life
each year survived a
reminder of possibly losing you:
perhaps to the welcome of a new
planting in a foreign land or simply
to a more interesting season-
On the petals of a Daisy
I file “you love me: you love me not.”
Petals do not reveal the truth, poets do not
bear lies about love, surprised
they have become
the sharecroppers of grief
M.D. Taylor

© All Rights Retained — 2017


you said, “find me;

i am again, lost in this world.”

how odd that when you’re lost, so am i- that the pathway back to

yourself leads to me; just as the path back to myself leads to you —

the former a journey unto itself-

do you think…

m.d. writes

M.D. Taylor (a.k.a. md_writes) is a writer who sustains life by working to support her writing habit. she is in love with writing and y/our words!

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