Perangai Budak Not-So-Gemok

Day 3 / 96.3 kg

Like shiok, only.

Welp, there goes the first day of Syawal (or Eid). I know, they always say, “just eat lah!” but in my head I’m counting the calories, as if I memorized MyFitnessPal’s inventory.

I admit. I didn’t count calories but I will say this. I literally ate:

  • 16 pieces of 4-way cut ketupat (which is essentially 4 pieces of main ketupat)
  • at least 7 pieces of cubed beef at 10 grams each
  • 1 tablespoon scoops of rendang (totaling 30 grams, probably? God knows.)
  • 2 pieces of chicken
  • 1 piece of fried chicken
  • 2 hardboiled eggs
  • 1/2 tablespoon scoop of sambal tumis
  • vegetables (yes, I actually ate them)
  • kuah lemak (1/2 scoop of that big ass spoon)
  • 10 pieces of bagedil (the only form of cooked potato I approve)
  • 10 pieces of honey cornflakes kuih
  • 4 pieces of kuih suji
  • 5 pieces of potato chips (really. Just 5. I swear. Okay, maybe 6.)

Don’t doubt me when I say this was all I ate today. I told my sister:

I don’t want to waste my calorie count on something I won’t enjoy.

Granted I didn’t actually count calories today, I didn’t fall into the deep end. I enjoyed myself today, and enjoyed food that I actually wanted to eat. I didn’t feel bloated nor did I feel like I ate too much. I feel I ate just the right amount.

(If you’re wondering how I remembered everything I ate today, it’s because that’s literally all I ate.)

Perhaps, part of the reason why I ate so little was because of today’s ensemble and the fear of ruining it.

I looked snatched because I was.

I wore a telok blangah white top with altered black pants, which were essentially sauna suits, and a designer samping, paired with an over-the-top three-tiered brooch.

I felt very confident today, and that I was not that fat, almost as though the past six months was leading up to this.

Compliments were thrown here and there, ranging from, “you look good,” to “wow you lost weight.

Every compliment was met with an Alhamdullilah and a Thank You.

The whole day, I didn’t feel fat and it felt great. I gotta cut myself some slack. I deserve to feel good about myself once in a while.

Also: Spanx is a gift from God.

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