Benefits of SEM

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Feb 10 · 2 min read

What is SEO, SEA, SEM?


SEO — Search Engine Optimization — Organic Results, Last for long, build Domain value, raises site position, helps in indexing, an ongoing process

SEA — Search Engine Advertising — Paid Advertising (Contextual Advertising), Shows your ad in google search engine i.e. Text Ad in Google search network and Image Ad in Google display network, helps to build quick customer reach, works on a budget hence stops once the budget is over.

SEM — Search Engine Marketing — Well, the search engine is still the master of searching queries, product, etc on the Internet, Marketing your brand on the search engine through any of the above methods. One thing that is common amongst these terms is they all aim at increasing website traffic and targeting the right customer from Search Engine Results.

How are they linked?


SEO and SEA are quietly connected and helps each other in building the overall Site Value. Grabbing/Capturing full customer attention over the Search Engine like Google, Bing through these two methods.

While SEO will grab the organic area in the SERPs, the SEA will help in building customer attention on the first click. While one is here to last long and would develop its presence over a few months, the latter is here to grab the customers quick fast, not letting your customer go without reaching you.

What benefits SEO and SEA provide to your business in the Digital Marketing Sector?

Endless benefits of SEM to suit your business: –

1. Increasing site impression and visibility

2. Building Domain Authority & Page Authority

3. Providing regular content updates to your site through Blogs & Articles thus overall giving Search Engine crawler some relevant content related to your business.

4. Potential Ads to reach your customers

5. SEA resulting in faster customer reach.

6. Building site presence and generates immediate results.

7. Increased ROI

8. Location & Language based ads for your customer audience

9. SEM is great for local marketing and small business

10. Effective to target customers through mobile marketing

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