Calculating Your Carbon and Questioning Things

Catarina Gutierrez
Jul 4 · 3 min read

I bought a long-haul flight to England recently and I bought the airline’s carbon credits to offset it but I wanted to do more. Here was what I found out.

My most recent Facebook post was a great source of info

What happens when you are one of those people who ride your bike lots, plant trees, refuse/reuse/recycle, and buy carbon credits? You start to question what else you can do. I realise this is a unique position but I believe even more of us will be wondering it as things like single-use plastic is banned and governments declare climate crises across the globe. And as we hit record high temps and experience extreme weathers, we’ll begin to look inward more and more. At home, at work, with friends and family at dinner tables and at pubs. I’m on that journey and talk about it lots!

Here is what I’ve learned today:

  1. Carbon offsetting for flights is easy now! Check out Ekos (my go-to resource for all things carbon offsetting). Start here if you’re like me and questioning HOW!
  2. Another handy travel calculator by Enviro-Mark Solutions is pretty easy too. They help you calculate way more than flights. You can buy direct credits from them and offset in a few simple clicks.
  3. There are lots of simple things we can do that I always forget people aren’t doing or need gentle reminders about. Check out this Twitter thread with ideas from a local Wellingtonian.
  4. Get to planting! Yes, buying credits is easy and useful, but at the end of the day, your legacy will live in the trees you plant yourself. It’s a connection to the land like no other. I attend tree planting event with work and Sustainable Business Network and invite you to join me at our next one, Saturday, July 21st at Polhill.
  5. Travel less, especially by plane. Seems simple but I reckon New Zealanders can take it down a notch. Question whether you really need to be at that meeting IN-PERSON or whether you could make a call or video conference. Technology is a beautiful thing! (it goes without saying but ride a bike, y’all!)
  6. Be a champion for others. Set an example and share what you’ve done to help reduce carbon. It will create more common chatter around a topic we should be discussing more often. Bring an extra bag for another person to borrow (I have so many now!). Share your rides. Sit down and have a coffee/meal with a mate instead of taking it away in plastic.
How much one return flight from London costs to fully offset.

It’s a mindset. That takes time changing. But soon it will become a habit to refuse before just blindly accept the bag, cups, lids and straws. Consuming starts with refusing. Just stop taking in so much stuff!

Join us at Thankyou Payroll July 21st!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with the note that it’s good to question things. We can always be doing more but don’t feel guilty. It takes time and together we can do big things. I hope to hear what you’ve done to offset and get new ideas and spread those around.

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espresso-fueled product manager. reader of all things interesting. drinking coffee and riding bikes on @meCatarina

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