NZ Startup Ecosystem, you’re doing it wrong.
Natalie Robinson

Great write-up, Natalie. We’re very familiar with the work at Mum’s Garage. It’s similar to the work we’re doing at Ministry of Awesome in CHCH. And we share your sentiment that SV isn’t the answer but that NZ has an opportunity to redefine success, on our terms. Founders especially, are on the cusp of being a big part of that shift in thinking. Very exciting times!

I guess my question is what that will actually look like? Sian Simpson mentioned a place. Alina Siegfried mentioned regional hubs already boosting that growth too. So will it be in one place or many and will we collectively build an ecosystem that no one else has built? Is there value in “giving it a go” instead of “pumping out highly competitive companies”? We think so.

So what does success look like? The next Xero? Or someone small and awesome like Share-A-Camper who nailed their target customer and are giving back to the country? Can’t it be investment readiness WHILE ALSO giving back to the ecosystem?

We can draw new pathways and I’d be keen to see some of those drawings from people, including Mum’s Garage. We’ve given it a stab with the Innovation Ecosystem Map but could do more, no doubt! Is there new language we can create around this too that we should be using instead of the same old jargon? And lastly, how do we not over-extend the already strong ecosystem of mentors and advisors who are on this wavelength with us?

Thanks again for sharing! Let’s have a chat when you’re ready.

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