Why I’m leaving Snapchat and so are all your friends
Owen Williams

Snapchat still has legs . It has 3 choices or directions that they would have to go into whether they like it or not :-

  1. To become a media platform with discover , to get other deals from publishers and content creators to create for snapchat which will mostly have a youthful demographic to serve . Lot of scope for revenue here .
  2. Getting every teenager of the world on the platform that a) still loves snapchat but wants all their friends here and b) wants to get away from fb , instagram and whatsapp . Scope for revenue here through sponsored filters and lenses .
  3. Being a camera company . With snapchat spectacles and other wearable camera products that also branch into augmented reality mostly . Will lead to a lot of interesting innovating and revenue possibilities . But they would have to create these products so that users can create and share anywhere on the web and not just on snapchat cauz snapchat is very small and limiting to create for .

If they follow these 3 general direction they still have a shot at being a relevant company in the following years post IPO .

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