Texting is Stupid

In a future where films and cartoons made us dream and long for a much more transparent , social experience where we could interact with our loved ones through holograms or video chats that were displayed through inanimate objects around us . We instead , get stuck in a world where the majority of conversations happen through texting .

Texting quickly became an important way that humans communicate that most of us readily prefer over a face to face interaction or even a phone call .

We would rather message through Whatsapp , telegram , kik , wechat and facebook messenger than look up and express what we feel by actually meeting each other in person . We hide behind edited words and phrased sentences , carefully articulated for an expected impact . Conversations should be honest , fluid and transparent where people get to see and read each other and understand what they are actually going through or trying to convey . Whether they’re pissed or angry and just pretending to send smiling emojis right at you and sending “lol/ lmao /hahaha” without actually smiling at all .

Texting helps us manipulate one another as well . We get to play a person that we aren’t actually , we get to say things that we would never really say to one another in person , we get to scrutinise and judge each other for being that very person as well .

If i had the option to choose between calling someone and saying everything that i’ve been meaning to say to them in real time without any hassle or misunderstanding or to be able to text them what i’m trying to convey , wait for them to reach their device , check that notification and then finally after God knows how long ; choose to respond to me or ignore me completely . I would without a doubt choose the former . I’ve been calling a lot more lately as a result .

The whole system just seems really broken to me , that we are willing to wait a day for a response than calling them and facing them verbally within a minute or two . But once a majority of the population accepts a particular behaviour , it gets passed on as perfectly normal .

I’ve been working on a product to solve exactly that Problem . To make the entire Social networking experience as we like to call it actually more social that can hopefully get us closer to the future of communication that we’ve all been dreaming of :) .

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