Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

To me it seems that one of three things will happen : —

  1. the pay to play model : Where brands and businesses will have to pay facebook extra to get their content noticed . More than they already pay .
  2. Brand and Businesses will either ask for more shares or create more content that is worth sharing , if none of your friends or family likes that piece of content you will not even know it exists as it won’t show up in your newsfeed unless maybe you search for their business page yourself.
  3. Brands and Businesses and news publishers find other platforms more feasible to them to distribute their content , whether that be through influencers , through instagram as long as it doesn’t get the same changed its parent company is making ( which it will surely ) , maybe facebook’s loss could be twitter’s gain or brands and businesses could start relying on other platforms partially till they find better ways to distribute the content .
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