7 Best Instagram Automation Tools You Should Be Using in 2018

Operating a business is one of the most time-consuming activities you will ever experience. It takes time to plan a business, develop a business, set it up, build it, and then there is your social media presence, which is exhausting to maintain, let alone grow.

All that work is overwhelming and stressful, so it makes sense that today’s business owners turn to automation bots & tools for Instagram and other social media accounts. The tasks of following, unfollowing, liking, commenting, and sharing leave you little time to effectively get on with the day-to-day operations of your business, which affects growth.

The good news is that you have no reason to spend countless hours on Instagram to grow your account’s presence alone.

You have useful and effective solutions at your fingertips within the following 7 best Instagram automation tools & bots for 2018.

Let’s get started!

  1. Social Steeze — Instagram Growth Service

Social Steeze offers outsourcing for your Instagram growth and engagement. It is a powerful growth service with a good reputation for organic development.

Experienced people manage your account, which has catapulted their service to the top of the industry. Their experience and expertise allow them to cultivate your brand’s page through a natural and organic development process.

You will boost your engagement as you like it without the need to buy it. Why would you when you have access to this trusted, verified, and proven service.

2. RiseSocial — Another Genuine Instagram Growth Service

The fake likes and followers you get from a lot of these companies today cannot compete with the authenticity and reality of genuine, active Instagram users.

Fake likes and follows are merely short-term solutions that won’t last, leaving back where you started.

RiseSocial strives to provide the most powerful organic growth for your Instagram page. They seek out and find authentic and active users on the social media platform. That is how you gain followers who interact with you and your content. That is something fake followers cannot do.

Their service interacts on your behalf with people, which will result in real people who are interested in your products or services.

3. PlanMyPost — A Favorite Planning & Scheduling System

PlanMyPost will act as your automated virtual assistant across activities on your Instagram page/profile.

Their easy-to-use platform allows you to manage your posts and engagement on Instagram. Instead of logging into your Instagram account every time you want to post something, you simply schedule that post ahead of time. You can use the bulk upload feature and watch your engagement grow.

It saves you time and effort and takes the stress out of manually performing all your Instagram engagement. Special features like an advanced image editor and post preview tool lets you prepare it and see it before you schedule it. You can use this service with any other in the list.

4. LikeSocial — Automatic Followers & Likes

When you want fast, trusted, and reliable for your automated Instagram likes and followers, LikeSocial is one that comes recommended.

If you like your automated services to be simple and straightforward, then that is what you get with LikeSocial.

This service ensures you get a minimum amount of likes per upload, or a minimum amount of followers each week, yet it protects your account from coming off as spammy. You can use this service with any other in the list.

5. Social10x — Buy Quality Followers

Social10x isn’t your average Instagram growth service that sells you fake followers or likes that don’t help your account for the long-term.

Their services span across a bunch of social media channels, so they can help you beyond Instagram.

Social10x is used by experts and high-level marketers who also endorse this service, so you can feel confident that they are the real thing.

6. Follow Adder — A Leading Instagram Bot

If using an Instagram bot program to configure and control your account is your preference, Followadder is a premier, leading botting tool for efficient Instagram automation.

This app works on autopilot once you configure its settings to your preferences by using the features Follow Adder provides.

Automatically schedule posts, commenting, and liking according to your settings. The software is trusted, safe, and effective at helping you manage your Instagram activities and your time.

7. Jarvee — Not Your Basic Social Media Automation Tool

Jarvee is similar to Follow Adder in its capabilities to manage multiple accounts. The uniqueness of this bot is that it goes beyond Instagram and extends to other social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to expand your reach and connections.

Jarvee is an automated social media program designed for Windows computers (i.e. desktop or laptop).

You can try it for 5 days before you buy it to feel comfortable with its features and to decide if this is the right option for your Instagram growth.

It helps you get those social media activities done ten times faster than doing it manually.

Final Thoughts

Besides the day-to-day tasks of operating a business like providing customer service, continual business development, and promoting your business, social media is vital to marketing and staying ahead of your competition.

All these tasks are time-consuming, so when you have the opportunity to automate and save time for the daily operation of your business, it is a wise decision to take advantage of it.

Third-party Instagram growth services give you the ability to reach out to a substantially higher number of potential followers and potential customers faster and more efficiently than you can on your own. Plus, they do not come with the high price tags you expect.

Botting or automating at least some of your Instagram and social media activities is one of the best and most cost-effective methods for marketing and promoting your business, brand, discounts, offers, and other special events.

Your competition is likely using some for of automation on their Instagram and social media channels. That means you may be getting behind the curve and you may get lost in the crowd without an automation plan, I’ve written about this more in-depth on my blog.

At the end of the day, it pays for itself.

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