How to Sound like an Ass Without Even Trying

So a few years ago, we started taking one big overseas trip annually. We wanted to expose our children to the wider world, break them out of the bubble they were living in.

In one of the first trips, we took them to Paris. Girls love Paris.

And so did my wife and I. And my brilliant wife also had the idea to get new glasses while in Paris. Yes, they have “glasses in a hour” shops in France. We took her prescription and shopped at a local optical store in the neighborhood of the hotel.

Fast forward a few years, and I am in need of new glasses. That year, our trip was to Japan. The girls were shopping in a large Tokyo department store and I wandered around and stumbled into their glasses department. I bought a pair that I love, something I hadn’t seen before in the States.

So now, if someone asks either my wife or I where we got our glasses, we kind of sound like an ass. “Oh these? I got them in Paris.” or “I picked them up at Takashimaya in Tokyo last year.”

How do you not?

But we like them. The glasses are different and so was our experience purchasing them.

There are over seven billion people on the planet right now. Many large corporations market cool and “unique” looks to the young and hip (which I am not). But those unique looks are, of course, mass produced and sold to as many people as possible. So not so unique, right?

My wife and I didn’t buy the glasses to try and be unique; we already are. It was an experience that we enjoyed. Also a bit of a challenge to wrestle with a language barrier when purchasing something like this.

Each person on the planet is unique. Their individual experiences only make them stand out more. It isn’t about the stuff you buy, but what you experience in life that matters.

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