Psycho Billy Cadillac … or, Writing and Statistics

So I challenged myself to try and write a post to Medium every day during this month (April). Here we are on the 15th, and I decided to take a peek at the Stats in the Medium app.

Johnny Cash and a Psycho Billy Cadillac

For the record, I haven’t ever really done that before. It just wasn’t something I concerned myself with. And one of the reasons I’m writing about it now is because I just really looked at it.

Turns out, either barbers or conspiracy theorists are good for views. I’ve got a hunch which one it is, but I ain’t saying.

So yeah, a post I put up a couple of days ago had the most views and reads of the month so far. I’m thinking the headline is what helped.

Maybe that’s why I put the current headline up there. Maybe.

Granted, that catchy headline did not equal the highest Read Ratio. As boring as that sounds, it is kind of important since it is the people that actually read your work.

And it did not have the highest views of any of my posts, just the ones from earlier this month.

This little diddy here has the most views:

And perhaps that was lurching in my mind when I decided to: a) write a post each day, but b) not make it political. Or at least try to in today’s world.

Either way, I think I either need to go for more haircuts soon, hope my dry cleaner is an alien or my pharmacists is a sovereign citizen, or just get really good at tabloid-style headlines.

You’ve been warned.

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