37 Simple Daily Behaviors That Will Immediately Free up Hours in Your Weekly Schedule
Thomas Oppong

So, the concept is good. And there is some good advice here. And even a few worthwhile examples of utilizing, also. However, your advice to spend more time away from the computer screen may have had you step away from the draft of this article too quickly. You repeat several concepts (as noted by several comments below) and contradict others. Plus, you say you can’t do anything without a plan first. But you have to prepared for the unexpected? [head shake]

OK, so like I noted at first. Lots of good in the concept. This could be boiled down to fewer than half the 37 items listed; then you could add an example every so often on the list to strengthen a few.

By and large, good advice. But this 7 Minute Read could should be smoothed out to three minutes.

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