Is Life just another, but complex, equation?

When something bad happens to us, we use to think: ‘Why me??? Why others have a better life? When something good happens to us, we rather don’t think the same. But all what we face and all what we are going through, most likely happened to somebody else before. Somebody else finished the same primary school as we; somebody else also got this dream job in finances which we are applying for. Somebody else experienced dramatic heartbreak and somebody else suffered from kidney stones. The same applies to very casual happenings. Somebody else did the trekking in our favourite forest, watch the same movie which we intend to watch and somebody else also lost his wallet on a bus.

And this is also why the Internet is so powerful.

How much information, which we are sourcing everyday online comes from books, theories or research? In my opinion — miniscule. Isn’t it that most of them comes from other peoples’ experiences? That’s the beauty of sharing and that’s why we shall be sooo thankful to those people who care to put their knowledge, especially empirical, online.

But the only one small problem here is — how do we know that the information which we found is relevant to us? Let’s say if me and my mom are planning to go to Berlin, and searching for tips on what to do there, we will probably end up on the same websites and the same blogs. But I don’t think she would be interested in crazy parties in Berlin or cheap piercing, and I’m sure I won’t be excited about antiques and night markets.

Or let’s assume that you want to run a marathon. Maybe you haven’t even done a morning jogging in a park before. Will then the story of the person who is running from childhood and who completed 6 half-marathons before, be useful in your preparation for this big run?

Same way, if you would intend to teach a monkey and a snake to climb a tree, I guess you would need to use different advices, as those two are different, have different capabilities and strengths.

Life is all open for us, and we surely can get most what we aim for.

Reaching the top of the mountain is easier when following someone’s steps or someone’s hints. And choosing the path we go, we should make sure that the one we follow is relevant to us.

Life is an equation. A similar set of variables will always lead to a similar result.