9 Non-threatening Leadership Strategies for Women
Sarah Cooper

Most of my supervisors have been women. Even when I was in the USAF. Most of their behaviors were the lady on the left. I never found them threatening because I’m not a stereotype and neither were they. The right sides of your images are not “non-threatening” but passive or passive aggressive. I would take your “threatening” column behavior every time over the passive.

My employer’s HR lady sent me an email “asking”me to do several things. But she did so without asking or telling. It was an obnoxious list of things that /should/ happen. She was fully in her rights to just tell me what to do, but she couched and wondered about possibilities.

I’ve never seen that behavior from men. They just straight up tell me what to do. No couching. No mushy wishy washiness. No talking /around/ the subject. But hashtag not all women. Most of my female bosses had no trouble being direct and honest with me. The passive/passive aggressive behavior bothers me far more.

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