Hotel Room

… and finally she’s being sold out just for 100$.

I still remember the eve. since me & my friend named “Sanjeev” were awaiting for the bus on friday, eve.. at 05:10pm. he had to move to “shimla”, 7–8 hours journey he had to travel that night. Damn bus was quite late that day. So we’d sit somewhere around, & awaited for the bus; were talkin’ ‘bout life, money & dough.. like how donald trump won ov’r hillary clit.. clinton. Clinton’s not a looser, the reality is, yes, she’s loose-n to trump.

“Trump’s been a playboy magazine model. I don’t ev’n understand how a groper can win presidency. Wow. that’s amazing! I’m sure never liked trump before watching this election, but after watching him win presidency, i guess, i wanna be more like Donald Trump. Every lady gonna be in my bed, then. Ladies want money, power, & reputation, no matter if the repo’s not that good, but what all matters in that is popularity — — popularity’s what ladies want ev’n that’s what they seen in donald trump, already,” I said to Sanjeev

“Amen to that. Agreed with you.!” He replied

Later, we watched some of the hot and half clothed pics. of Melanie Trump & her bimbo daughter Ivanka on phone. Such ladies of hearts’ oft. rule the hearts of us Vultures alive. Wish if i had ’em both as a g.f, i’m sure would have kept ’em dehydrated all time — — Sanjeev gushed.

Time accumulated by, around at 06:30pm — — his bus arrived, & Sanjeev moved on.

Last night, he came back to Kala-Amb for Viva (college Viva exam, practical)

Today, in morn, together we left for viva for our final-year of MBA. All time busy. Rushed. Crushed… but still chillax. After giving a final shot to all files, projects, reports, finally in eve, we have had a plenty of juices… beverages… & eaten junk-food including some burger & chauwmin. I occupied my fav. table-seat at last. A guy was sitting next to our table with iphone, was texting & chatting with his gf… & laughing,psychiatrically. I’m Samsung user, Sanjeev’s been nokia user. Quite obviously, iphone’s never been in our league at all. So as i watched that phone, i gushed, “Cool, iphone!! Sanjeev, iphone-7 is launched in market. Dude, i guess, imma buy this phone, of course, in dreams.” Haha!

In a quick response, Sanjeev’d remind me something and asked, “Shivam, Do you remember, last time when i got bus from here, bas kuch hi duri se, ek hot bandi bhi bus me chadhi thi. Quite a hot gal she was! I don’t even know how i controlled myself loosing myself onto her that night. If i was lone with her, i’d have gone all lazy on time. Mere saath ek Sardaar ji beitha tha, usney uss ladki ko seat de di. Vo bandi bilkul mere saath aakey baithi. She was damn freaking hot, & had apple iphone, was chatting with someone on Whatsapp.

I took a peek at her conversation. She was talkin’ ‘bout some… money. I didn’t get ’tis at first so took another peek. Then, i’d come to know what exactly she was talkin ‘bout. She was having a chat with the owner of the hotel or may be, with “Dalal” (broker)

“5000 keh rahey hei,” Clients.

“5,500 bas final hei,” She replied back to her agent.

“Bhai, main toh sun ke shock ho gya. 5,500 me uski deal ho ri thi kahin,” Sanjeev said to me, “& it got me real excited, & would start reading her whole conversation. She was very busy with chat; wasn’t looking anywhere around which was a plus point to me, so was very convinent as well to leafin’ throu’ her whole conversation,” he continued…,

“… pehley mere baat kuch samajh ni aayi, then i hit my head hard, & got to understand that… bandi ko bandey lene aa rahey thei. Usey uska hotel owner (Dalal/Broker) bata raha tha ki kab, kahan aur kinsey milna hei usei. Maine uski puri chat padhi hei. Vo puch rahey thei usss sey kahan pachunchi. A lil’ thought got popped up on my mind ki… vo bandey ussey chandigrah mei lene aa rahey thei.

And then after 2 hours, when we arrived at chand. bus stand, i saw that bandi bus se utri aur bahar hi 2 bandey khadey thei ussey lene ke liye. Unhoney usey achii tarah uper se neechey tak dekha, & then… they took her in car. prolly they took her to hotel,” he said.

… and finally she’s being sold out just for 100$.