There’s only 6 minutes left in happy hour so let’s get two glasses of wine each.” — Making the most of the expensive alcohol situation in Singapore!

In the summer I knew I wanted to go somewhere cool during the first long weekend that we had. Last year a bunch of us went to Vung Tau and it was a blast to go away with so many of us and go somewhere I hadn’t been in Vietnam! Which wasn’t hard since I had only been living here for a month at that point hahaha.

But I knew it was going to be a good weekend when me, Lucy and Michelle decided to take the leap and go to Singapore for the weekend. My friend Brandi only had good things to say about Singapore last year, and knowing her love of clean air (just like mine haha) I knew that I would enjoy the city. Also, it was a big deal that Michelle was coming with us, as she is one of the very very few people who have been brave enough to travel with Lucy and I! The only other person has been my cousin Ash and she survived! Hahaha. Just kidding, we are not bad at all to travel with, Lucy and I are pros together and Michelle fit in perfectly to that!!

Singapore is such a unique place. It is very clean, and has one of the best transit systems. I was OBSESSED with the MRT, I loved using it so so much! There is no subway system in Winnipeg (for obvious reasons) and so whenever I go somewhere and use the subway, I get excited. Except the first time that I was in Toronto alone and had to use the TTC. I was so scared haha, but I’ve grown up since then!

I did some research before the weekend and knew that I wanted to hit up places like Chinatown, Little India and the Gardens by the Bay. We did all of these things and MORE. But, before any of that, I need to tell you all about something that was very shocking:

The people were incredibly rude to us!

I just assumed that if you lived in a beautiful place and breathed in beautiful air that you would also be kind and wonderful. That was a very incorrect assumption that I made. It started right at the airport and continued through to almost all of the people we had to interact with. The one exception would be people who owned their own stands at hawkers, but besides that everyone was pretty rude! I don’t know if I’m just used to people being nice to me because I’m always nice to them, but even being super polite to people, they were not nice back to us. You wouldn’t expect that, eh?

Maybe I just have really high standards of being nice and polite, but that aspect of Singapore really rubbed me the wrong way.

BUT.. It was so quiet

Being on the MRT, walking down the street, anywhere in the city, it was so QUIET. If there were people talking loudly, they were given rude stares by others. No one was talking loud on their phones in the subway, everyone was just very quiet and very content.

This was weird at the beginning, but then we definitely all got used to it, because on Monday, we were heading back to the airport using the MRT and these Italian families got on and were screaming and yelling and being so obnoxious and all three of us just couldn’t believe it. They were SO LOUD. But I think about this now, and their behaviour would have been totally acceptable anywhere else haha!

The food, oh baby the food!

I originally did not know that Singapore is one of the best places in the world to eat food, but boy did I learn that fast! I did a bunch of research on what I wanted to eat and I almost got through the whole list! We ate this cool dish called fried carrot cake and it is not at all what you think of when you think of carrot cake haha! It was delicious. I had AMAZING indian food, chinese food, and dumplings. UGH. My mouth is watering thinking of all of the food.

ALSO. We found the best thing ever created on this planet. COOKIE DOUGH KIT KATS. AHHHHHH. They are the best thing ever. Wow. I brought 3 or 4 back LOL because I really don’t know if I’ll ever have another again because I’ve never seen them anywhere else. Obsessed. Wow. More mouth waterings hahaha.

Never buy alcohol IN Singapore

If you learn anything from me, it’s that you should buy duty free BEFORE you get to Singapore. We got 2L of alcohol in Saigon airport for 30 dollars. Amazing deal and it lasted us all weekend, we just had to be in high school again and drink out of water bottles hahaha. It was worth it because we saved SO much money. In 7/11, beers were average of 4 dollars.. for one. At 7/11. This is insane.

We found some happy hour deals when we went out to Clarke Quay at night. Funny story, it’s pronounced Clarke KEY and I kept butchering the name the whole weekend haha.

We went to a pool party on Sentosa island, where we had 20 dollar vodka slushy drinks and obviously ordered 3 each, after almost polishing off a litre of Gin. It was our big big splurge of the weekend, but that pool party was TOTALLY worth it! I also fell off my chair two times, so obviously you know I was having a great time hahaha.

Singapore = The Vegas of Asia

It was very apparent that a lot of the aspects of Singapore are inspired by Las Vegas. Definitely the hotel called Marina Bay Sands. It has like 3,000 rooms or something insane like that and it basically smells like money. I felt out of place walking through the lobby, surrounded by these rich humans hahaha. We paid 23 dollars (LOL) to go to the top and look out. Honestly it was pretty beautiful and almost worth the 23 dollars!

Being out and about at Clarke Quay was also very Vegas-inspired. I think the over-priced drinks and food were the biggest thing haha, as well as the way it was set up, kind of like walking down the strip!

The mall where Marina Bay Sands was attached to is filled with the most expensive stores EVER. There were stores of designers in there that we had not even heard of, that’s how expensive it was. I don’t know who is buying things in that mall, but definitely not someone who works at the Canadian International School and who is a Grade 2 teacher hahahaha.

But honestly? The best weekend ever!

I had such an awesome weekend, I think it was the perfect amount of time to spend in Singapore. Anymore time, I would have spent too much money haha. We thankfully got to do everything we wanted to do, and I am so happy that I got to experience the MRT! That was probably one of my favourite parts, I loved figuring out how to get to where we need to go. It was like solving an easy puzzle haha! I would go back just for the MRT! We also got a tourist pass which was unlimted for 30 dollars for 3 days, AND we got 10 dollars back to bring back the card, so really only 20 dollars for the three days. It would be interesting to find out how many times we took the MRT and how much money we would have spent if we just bought the rides as we went!

I also am curious as to how many escalators we rode haha, like probably more than 100! Also some of them sped up when you approached to save energy!! Am I the only person in the world who didn’t know those existed?! So cool!

Here’s to spending tons of money in a short amount of time!

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