A few months ago, DarkSky.net announced that they would be shutting down my favourite weather app, Forecast.io (😭). Their main site, as well as their API would still be available and remain supported. I wasn’t enrolled in HackerYou at that time, but I planned on saving this API to use towards my own personal project to revive my favourite weather app. After our second week of JavaScrip tat HackerYou, I decided this would be the time to put my knowledge to good use.

I wanted to start with something basic since I knew I wasn’t an app developer. …

As a newbie to the JS and coding world, I was very overwhelmed not only with absorbing the new language, but also ensuring that each line of code I wrote made sense. Basically, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was ready to tackle it head-on!

And of course, as part of the learning process, I wanted to start keeping a mental list of things to watch out for, and best practices to implement in further projects. I think that’s a pretty normal thing to do, right? …

Meagan Pau

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