There is No Secret to Success. There is Just Hard Work.
Daniel Rodic

I absolutely couldn’t agree more with the Hero’s Journey and what is left out from that story through so many movies. I love the Hero’s Journey as a focal point of perspective. Thinking about time spent, hard work, grinding and hours put in is a very “all or nothing” way of looking at things, and a very masculine way of looking at things. I’m not saying it’s male only (as you mention Marissa Mayer) but more the traits of masculinity. If you’re looking at work from a more feminine mindset, success and changing the world can look very different. I agree that hard work is imperative to success. I also think that meditation is imperative to success, having good people around you is important and collaboration with others is key. I think that sharing and laughing and balance is key. No matter how much you love anything, if you suffocate it and strangle it with nothing else — it can’t survive. Saying that the “the only antidote is to work harder” to achieve success misses the “other” antidotes which sometimes are rest, sleep, meditation and play.

For me, it’s a change in perspective — “Sacrifice” isn’t in my vocabulary because that feels like I’m looking at it from a negative perspective. It’s more about focusing on what I will gain from doing what I want to do.

Either way, success breeds success and I’m sure you’ll do well!

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