Food for Thought

How to eat healthy when you feel like the odd man out.

You wouldn’t realize how hard it is to eat healthy, not because you have to cut down on junk food and sweets but because of the way people treat you when you do. I can’t tell you how many times someone rolled their eyes at me when I’d order a salad at a burger joint. And hey I get it. “You’re at a burger joint why get a salad?!” But a salad doesn’t have to be boring old lettuce, it can be just as good!!

When going out to eat, i don’t just go to for the food. I also go to connect with friends, or to catch up with family. Eating is a very social thing. when you’re constantly being picked on for eating a certain way however, it becomes almost unbearable to go out. Who would enjoy going out to eat when you feel like you’re always being judged?! Obviously no one so what can you do? Often times people use that judgment as an excuse to adapt to unhealthy choices.

When surrounded by negative people you can either stand your ground and chose that decadent salad you’ve been eyeing or you can quickly decide that a big slice of greasy pizza would be the easier route. This decision not only makes you feel like crap on the inside but it also lowers your self confidence for not standing up for yourself.

You can’t be consistent with improving your health when you let others lead you in the opposite direction. Your friends may give you a hard time but eventually they’ll get over it. They may even realize that you’re on to something! Stay strong and hold your ground.

Creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about working out and watching what you eat. It’s about trusting yourself and not letting others control you as well. Becoming healthy means becoming your own self.

Through my personal experiences, I will never let anyone make me feel bad again about the choices I make in life. I know what’s best for me, even when others do not realize it just yet. Know what’s best for you too ♡.