Lifting for Bulk??

How it IS possible to incorporate weights and become lean at the same time.

When I started working out, all I wanted was to be lean. I barely lifted weights and if I did it was always on the extremely light side with low reps. Every time I went to the gym my sister would be making her way to different machines to work arms, back, and legs and here I was running on a treadmill for who knows how long because all I cared about was how many calories I was burning! I mean why would I chose to do any other type of workout? My biggest fear was becoming too bulky, especially in my arms, so cardio was the only way to lose weight right? Absolutely not!!

I began seeing little to no results after my workouts so I knew I had to change something. It took a while to figure out that the real issue here was my mindset. finally I decided that enough was enough and I came into the gym with an open mind.

I didn’t know much about weight training but I knew I needed to start somewhere so I began researching different weight lifting exercises that I found interested me the most! I would alter them and create my own workout plan for each session while only using cardio as my warm up. With this, I learned that it is important to incorporate heavier weight with lower reps to build strength and to continue to up the weight as you improve. I found that with this technique I absolutely love leg day because I always aim to beat the amount of weight I squatted from the time before. And the best part of all, I found that my arms have become one of my favorite parts of my body. And they aren’t even bulky from lifting. Shocker right?!

Adding in weights to your workouts can be as easy as using dumbbells while you do walking lunges. You not only feel amazing after your workout, even when you leave the gym feeling like a wet noodle, but you also know that you have the capability to do anything!

If weightlifting is new to you, start with light weight and work your way up. It may take some time to increase that weight but don’t give up! In the end you’ll feel unstoppable.