The Ultimate Snack Guide for Chocoholics

Guilt free and gluten free yo.

Valentines day has just passed which means that all things chocolate are now on sale. While this may not be a big deal to some, for me, it means DANGER. Those who truly know me know that I am obsessed with chocolate.

When I went into the grocery store this morning, I saw the gigantic hearts full of assorted chocolate from a mile away. It was as if a magnetic force was pulling me to them and there was nothing I could do to stop myself! In the blink of an eye I found myself standing right next to the bright pink and red shelves full of chocolate madness. To prevent myself from caving, I decided to go home and make something healthy but of course with chocolate.

For those a little chocolate obsessed, here are some healthy chocolate snacks that are not only full of nutrients, but are also guilt free!

Golden Spiced Milk Chocolate Bar

While I tend to avoid milk chocolate because of all the processed ingredients that are added to it, this bar is full of amazing nutrients. It has ginger which is great for digestion, nutmeg, quinoa which contains all nine essential amino acids, coconut, black pepper which is rich in iron, and the best part turmeric! Turmeric is an anti inflammatory and full of antioxidants.

This bar is basically a chocolate version of a turmeric latte and if you haven’t had a turmeric latte, stop what you’re doing and go get one!

Chocolate Rice Cakes

When you’re craving something crunchy, these are a perfect light snack. All you need are brown rice cakes (salt free), raw cacao powder, Pb2, raw cacao nibs for added crunch, and coconut flakes to add sweetness. I mix the Pb2 and cacao powder together with a little bit of water to create a creamy chocolate spread and then sprinkle cinnamon on top! If you want to get a little cray cray, you can even add some sliced banana whooo!

Cacao Nut Mix

For those sweet and saltylovas” this snack is for you. Because nuts are so expensive, I buy Trader Joe’s Just a Handful of Go Raw Trek Mix. What I love about these are that they are packaged into mini serving sizes so you don’t have to worry about over indulging! I mean let’s be real, if there’s a bowl of nuts in front of you, you’re more than likely going to end up picking at it until it’s gone. For these bad boys I add cinnamon for a little kick, unsweetened coconut flakes for sweetness, a dash of Himalayan pink sea salt, and of course cacao nibs.

When buying any nut mix, make sure to get unsalted and add salt (if needed) yourself to control the amount of sodium.

RX BAR Chocolate Sea Salt

For a quick chocolate snack on the go, this bar is amazing. It only has six ingredients which include egg whites, almonds, cashews, dates, cacao, natural chocolate flavor, and sea salt. This bar also has no added sugar, is gluten free and has 12 grams of protein! Mmmmm so good.

Never worry about feeling guilty the next time you eat chocolate. There are so many healthy alternatives to the processed versions so cut those out and try some of these delicious snacks instead!