Still not losing weight??

Things you may be doing that are holding you back.

Does this count as portion control?

You’ve all heard that losing weight requires not just exercise but diet as well. That being said, how many of you feel like you‘ve been making differences in your diet, you’ve started working out more consistently, but you’re still seeing zero progress. This may be because you actually aren’t improving! Here is the sad truth why.

Exercising alone doesn’t guarantee weight loss and neither does tweaking your diet if you’re missing important factors. That’s right! If you have a great workout but then go to McDonalds because “you deserved it!” You just eliminated the hard work you put in at the gym. You can’t work out everyday and continue to fill your body with crap people! Ya just can’t.

Now if cutting out processed foods seems impossible, don’t let grocery stores fool you when picking out food. While fat free and sugar free labels seem like a miracle, hold your excitement. When something is fat free, this means that the fat in the product is likely replaced with artificial sugar instead, and high amounts of it. The same goes for sugar free products, replacing sugar with unhealthy fats. Focus on the labels of each product you are about to buy. If you know what each ingredient is, it is safer to buy. If you don’t know how to pronounce any ingredients, get that thing outta here!

My last advice, one you may hear and roll your eyes at, is going to sleep earlier. Seriously not only does sleep energize you and prepare you for your day but going to bed at a decent time eliminates all of those late night munchie feasts. You know, when you’ve eaten so well all day but then come midnight your body turns into this crazy beast that won’t be tamed until it’s had a family size bag of chips, a box of cookies, and a full bar of chocolate? Honestly we’ve all been there and we wake up the next day like “what just happened…” If you truly can’t go to bed earlier but you’re craving something to eat, try having a small portioned snack that includes a healthy fat like coconut oil, avocado, or nuts. Healthy fats are not only essential for the body but they also fill you up.

No one wants to work their ass off at the gym and constantly see no results. It is possible to lose weight however it won’t happen over night. By being conscious of these tricks, you may start seeing results faster.