Why is only “Black Lives Matter”?
Dan Vail

Focusing on the economy is NEVER enough, if it was then we wouldn’t need a new “New Deal”. During the original New Deal America experienced tremendous growth and a boom of the middle class, right? Well, it depends how you define American. Jim Crow laws were still in full effect, black people were still denied housing, jobs, and basic rights until the 14th amendment at the cusp at the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement. This is way simply focusing on economic solutions is not enough, sadly, to tear down the systemic barrier to entry that have been put in place since our country was established.

Black Lives Matter is already an affirmation that ALL lives matter. When someone says “Save the Rain Forest” they’re not saying “Don’t save any other type of forest”, when someone says “Find a cure for breast cancer!” they’re not saying “Who cares about the other types of cancer”. It’s about highlighting a very specific issue that has affected a certain group of people for the entirety of America’s existence.

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