Night clings to you

Slinking into fissures,

Evading the cascade of dawn

Atop your rugged contours.

In your folds,

You stow secrets

Of the ancient rains

That have carved your depths,

Obscuring the paths they have

Worn upon your surface

Their mysteries locked

In your jagged clefts.

Amidst your abyss

Be it dark and looming

There is power in the waiting

For the kiss of daylight

To turn your purples to reds

Setting the river afire

Breathing life into your golden trees

Spilling forth, from the branches

To the glimmering sand

Illuminating the juts and recessions of the miles ahead.

And though my feet are

Bare and worn

They crave the warmth of new ground

Discarding my stillness

For an upward climb