I absolutely LOVE what you said and agree with you COMPLETELY.
Kayt Molina

Yes! My partner is from a culture that has a more collectivist orientation — I see all the time among my in-laws that it is absolutely possible to raise children to be respectful towards and considerate of others.

One other point I forgot to make is that if we as parents let our children not “see” us as people, if taken to the extreme this in my view can set them up for difficult times later when they inevitably confront the reality that the world is not structured around them and their needs and interests and that there are billions of other people they need to cooperate with! We always tell our kids that they are hugely special to us and all those around them who love them, but in the context of the wider world they are just one of many!

Keep up the great work in your classroom helping your kids appreciate their parents — truly wonderful things can happen when teachers, students and families work together to support one another.