Does My Best Self Live In Queens?
Ester Bloom

Oh man. I feel you. Will preschool be any less expensive than daycare? Naive question?

Also giving birth qualifies as an ‘event’, I think????, that would allow you to change your premium back to bronze after bb is born.

What if you just waited one more year, so that when/if you move you really have the URGE to? I imagine what’s hard is you’re anticipating the downsides of staying but haven’t experienced them so it just seems sad / to be all about what you’re giving up. But maybe once you’re cramped and stretched thin and panicked you’ll be like, OKAY WE’RE READY.

I mean maybe adulthood means anticipating that and staying one step ahead. But I feel like if you’re ambivalent and you DO move, you might be so wistful about how it might have worked in Brooklyn, without knowing and trying.

Plus the first few months with a new baby are the best/most crucial time to have friends around right?

Anyway like you said, it’s great you have options. And you’re so clear-eyed about it. Everything will be okay !!! ❤

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