Mealsumm chutneys have been a revelation for me . The taste, the consistency, the aroma, and the simplicity is bound to impress you at the onset. Also the usefulness of the chutneys will make you appreciate the thoughtfulness that went in to making this when you are short of time or you are traveling or you have unexpected guests, not to mention the hungry kids at home. There is a lot of foods that you can try with these chutneys other than what they were meant for in the first place. I found it handy as a gravy maker too when in hurry and it tasted very well. The best thing about these chutneys are that there is very little processing and the emphasis is on blending to preserve the goodness of the ingredients and freshness of taste. Also this method conveniently avoids use of preservatives and color. The best part is that Measumm chutneys avoid starch based food stabilizers to keep moisture out, and is therefore diabetic safe.

Mealsumm is all about taste, thoughtfulness, and innovative food making practice, the need of the hour

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