A Painful Question of the Day
Nicole Dieker

For me, spending cash seems more real than spending on credit/debit so I am more mindful about spending in cash. Totally get that it isn’t that way for some people. I think this is something that we can all test in our own lives. I’m super interested in psychology and the way that the same behavior can be safe and awesome for one person and unhealthy and dysfunctional for another person. I think that personal finance is similar to other behaviors in that respect. I love the list on this blog post — it’s about meal planning not personal finance, but I think it’s helpful to apply the same lens to other behaviors. Is this (paying with cash or not paying with cash) helping me? If not, look for another way… http://bodypositiveaustralia.com.au/2016/05/mindful-eating-and-meal-planning/

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