Six Tips To Help You Survive Getting Laid Off
Micah Hart

I would recommend trying to find some sort of support outside of your normal group of friends. The last time I was laid off, I got invited to a job hunting support group that met once a week at a local coffee shop. It ended up being a really amazing resource. It was nice to have a time each week where it was safe to vent and complain — and trying to help others on their job searches when I could made me feel more useful.

My friends knew I was on a tight budget while between jobs but instead of complaining about it, I tried to suggest low cost activities. A friend and I found a breakfast happy hour, I met another friend for walks and kid-sized milkshakes, I walked everywhere I could because it took longer (filling up the days was sometimes a challenge) and it kept me active (which helped me sleep) and it saved money. I read a lot of library books and listened to a lot of podcasts.

That being said, it was super challenging to maintain my sense of self (and my finances) during my layoff(s) and I’ve struggled with job confidence quite a bit since then. Hugs to anyone going through this now ❤