Dining Out on Airline Miles: A Good Deal for Everybody?
MauraElizabeth Cunningham

If the waitress says it’s fine, it’s fine — let it go. She could have easily said that it’s not great, but she didn’t. I think the more likely scenario is that you’re getting somewhat overcharged for the meal by redeeming points for it. I’m not super familiar with what people usually see as a “good” redemption for United miles, but I did see that I could fly from Seattle to San Antonio (one way) for 10,000 miles last week. So a 4,000 mile meal (unless it was a really spectacular dinner) seems like a lot. I know that for my travel loyalty program of choice, people expect to get at least half a cent in a redemption value. Anything below that is considered a “bad” redemption. (Of course that depends on how cash rich/poor one is at the time.) I think this was an interesting piece, but generally the wackier point redemption offers (meals, magazines, etc.) are worse than the core offers (airline tickets with an airline, hotel rooms with a hotel chain.)