In Defense of Inefficient “Hobby-Hustles”
Laura Marie

I’m a crazy hobby quilter, but I’ve gone in a different direction than you. While yes, I know that I could charge for my quilting, I just do it for the love. I have enough stress and performance anxiety from my day job. I make quilts for friends and family and the rest of my quilting energy goes into charity quilting. I donate baby and kids quilts to my local children’s hospital through a guild. Charity quilting has been quite freeing creatively and has finally helped me get over some of my perfectionist tendencies. A finished quilt for a sick kid > a “perfect” quilt that I’m agonizing over. I can try out new techniques and new color schemes. For me rn, it’s the best way to pursue my hobby although of course I do dream of becoming a professional quilter, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen!

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