Hollow Inside

The natural void where hunger lives

Nudging us to take our fill

At the appointed times

Now overflows with queasiness

Never allowing you to eat

Anxiety overwhelms you

And the least thought of food

Makes you ill

This paralyzing malady which only allows

You enough nourishment for survival

Sizes drop without effort

You waste away

But still you cannot eat

Depression is ravenous

You gorge yourself

To fill the emptiness found within

It never works

Your weight waxes and wanes

Destroying what’s left of your self-esteem

But one day — with care and luck

You find a hunger once forgotten

So completely ordinary, yet precious, as well

You are healing

The hollow is gone

As well as the ravening

You pray it remains

For a tiny bit of vanity

Enjoys the fit of your skinny jeans

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