So this last week, I have been really busy concentrating on my time scale to make sure all the work is being completed. So I have found it hard to have time to type up my blog for the two weeks commencing 18th April and 25th April. So I have used all my notes so I am going to be putting them into one blog.

So the week commencing the 18th April, was a hectic week as I was a little stressed then usual as I knew I was going to be running the London Marathon on the Sunday. So as you can imagine it was really hard to keep myself on the task as i was rather worried about my run. But anyway I still managed to keep up to date with my time scale and get lots of work done.

So this week I completed all the stuff I find a lot harder then the rest so this is the spreadhseets. So first of all I started with my line detail and then looked over my notes which helped me to fill this out. I then went onto my critical paths, I had to do four critical paths two for Italy kids and womenswear and two for the UK again kids and womenswear. Once I had done the UK, I remembered how to do this and it got a lot easier.

I then had saved my WISSI, for my merchandising class, as I knew I had two hours in class to get started and then I could come straight home and finish it once I had got into it. So this was a lot harder to begin with but once i looked over my classroom notes I found it easier. But I still have the annotation left to do, which I am going to leave till next week.

I then completed my open costing, which I found the easiest out of all the costings. So that was done in no time, so after I went back to my critical path to complete the annotation as to explain my I had chosen the certain dates. I then annotated my range plan and added the appropriate images so it looked visual. I then went onto look at the Key Performance Indicators, I placed these in order of the most important to the least depending on Italy and the UK.

Afte all this i went through my FMP, to write another checklist of stuff I needed to look back over and what images I needed to add to the report to make it more visual. So my final week will consist of write my executive summary, evaluation and other final items I need to add to the report. I will aslo be checking and reading through my work that I have completed to check for grammar.

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