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There is a role for crowdsourcing in factchecking but (so far) it’s not factchecking

In Summary

In the current climate of information overload the demand for factchecking is increasing. Factcheckers are often small teams that struggle to keep up with the demand. In recent years, new organisations like WikiTribune have suggested crowdsourcing as an attractive and low-cost way for factchecking to scale.

Here’s my take. There are three components to crowdsourcing that you are trading off:

These exist in a trade-off triangle, so…

Last week the money donated by strangers on the internet helped deliver 210 blankets and 175kg of rice to Arbat Refugee camp, Iraq.

In July, I started a crowdfunding campaign to raise £500 to feed the displaced families in a refugee camp just outside my hometown in Iraq. Within 8 hours we had not only reached my target, we had doubled it. By the end of the 14 days, 48 of us had come together and raised £1,681.

There are about 6,000 people housed in Arbat, a permanent refugee camp just outside of Sulaymaniyah. You can read about it here…

I’m learning to code. I’ve been on again off again with it for about two years now. But I've only very recently started to feel like I could actually achieve something. I had a lot of unlearning and confidence building to do first.

I want to share with you some of the difficulties (all 8 of them) that have killed my momentum dead in its tracks. …

Mevan Babakar

Head of Automated Factchecking at Full Fact. Founder CitizenBeta.org, WhosIn.io

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