As part of the conversation around agility, innovation, and transformation — I hear more discussion around adult learning and how to create a “learning organization.”

Unfortunately, the term “learning,” for many people, triggers thoughts of classrooms and teachers.

“Learning” is seen as separate and apart from what we normally do.

It isn’t.

We are learning all of the time. Mostly unconsciously.

We are learning what is acceptable and not acceptable in our environment.

We are learning what is rewarded and what is punished.

We are learning whether our adaptations to that environment are providing the desired results.

And, yes, occasionally…

Cally Berry Dog disapproves of the amount of time I spend in front of my computer

Update: I’ve been writing.

Chapters 1–5 are with the pre-order purchasers for comment.

The publisher will receive these chapters (hopefully with Chapter 6 attached) to start thinking about layout options.

Chapter 6 is on track for a full reviewable draft by the end of next week.

The 7th (and final) chapter will be up by the end of April and a full draft of the book will be ready for the copyeditor by then.

I’m anticipating at least 3 review cycles. We are on track for an end of 2019 publication.

My current thought is to open up the book…

This is what the process looks like.

We still have consistent progress. The publication date has been pushed back.

  • The Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 are now ready for review by pre-order purchasers. This group will receive a separate email with information.
  • Chapter 3, 4, 5 are on deck and should be ready for review sometime in mid-March. I will notify the pre-order purchasers as the chapters become available.
  • Chapter 6 and 7 require significant rewrite and reorganization. These chapters will be April’s project.
  • We have a publisher! The book will be published through Atmosphere Press. This is a service publisher. They are taking the burden of…

We have consistent progress and are currently on-track for a July 2019 release date.

Where we are at right now:

  • I will be releasing chapters for review to the pre-order community through the month of February. My intent is to have the reviewable draft of the entire book up by March 1.
  • I will be releasing the book for general review April 1 — May 1 and will add the link here and on my blog at that time.
  • I am still vetting publishers/service publishers. I wanted to get closer to a completed draft before outreach.

Lessons learned:

  • I’m finally…

I’ve been writing, but it’s been a slog.

The cookie-monster bathrobe came back with a vengeance, this time lined in lead. I must be onto something big — I don’t remember the resistance being this strong before.

I am ridiculously grateful for my family, partner, friends, and therapist. They’ve been awesome about holding space for me and reminding me that the voices in my head aren’t objectively true.

I’m also grateful that the discussion around mental health is starting to remove the shame around anxiety, depression, and any emotion that isn’t “happy.”

I have a LOT of thoughts about emotions…

This is a quick update. I’ve been writing :)

Change in All Quadrants: Personal Change Planning

Writing a non-fiction book, for me, is not a linear process. It’s more like writing a Master’s thesis.

During my time in the University of Georgia History department (early 1990s), I learned the “index-card” trick.

  • Grab a bunch of index cards and many index card boxes
  • As you do your research, write the note on one side and the citation (APA-style, please) on the other
  • When you are ready to write, take your thousands of index cards and organize them into your thesis outline.

Change Planning

The Publishizer campaign ended on October 31.

Final stats — 646 views and 50 books pre-sold.

I’m thrilled! This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and had to slog through a lot of personal fear and resistance to make it here. Even more exciting — I have companions on the journey who will help with the experiments!

As Steve Howard so graciously put it:

Now we own part of your soul and will haunt you ’till you publish

Even with 3 people, my thinking is — that’s 3 people that are expecting me to…

Change Planning Model — Updates

Key changes:

  • I’ve separated out personal change planning and will concentrate on that during this phase of the project. Organizational Change Planning has been moved to phase 2. Opportunity knocked and I had to answer the door.
  • I’ve returned to Ken Wilber’s original definitions of the It and Its quadrants and simplified the explanation — mostly for myself.

Experiments start October 1.

Personal Change Planning — Book Promotion

The book promotion is from October 1 — October 30. My goal is 500 pre-orders.

More details on the book, an outline, progress, and a…

The change planning model is designed to do the following things:

  • Determine the impact of the change you wish to make in a holistic manner
  • Help you identify the resources you will need to implement the change
  • Help you decide whether you can, or should, make the change with the resources you currently have available, with the values you hold, and with the vision you have set.

The change planning model is not built to create your desired vision. …


In this update — I am going to go over some outstanding questions from the last update.

First — we are going to talk about inputs into the change planning model and outputs from the change planning model that can help with project and change management in later phases.

Second — I’m going to talk about some quadrant definition in an attempt to clarify the boundaries between We, It and Its.

Finally — I’m going to talk about how, or whether, level analysis belongs in the change planning model.

Since we are maintaining the position of the Change…

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