What is Medium for you? for me?

‘Words are beautiful’.

Ever wondered what happens these words come together? Words alone or with others, have a meaning, and their meaning is only available when we have a past experience of it.

‘Meaning is the beauty of words’
Nooo… Context is the beauty of words?
Really? Only when we connect with the word or the collective, a meaning emerges, this connection is what makes meaning a meaning, and there is a certain context of that meaning. Meaning and context are always together. The connection is mapping a word to us in a context to deliver a meaning or rather meaning emerges.

The key question here is Why are we on Medium? Why are we on Facebook? Why are we on Whatsapp? Why is somebody on an article or writing a article in a newspaper? I am yet to know, I am only going to see how far I can see, and not give any answers as it would be premature.

Let me start with why I came here. I always have had a great urge to write, and I have done that, but then it gets boring. When I write, I find my myself involved and getting energized with the creation, rather it’s just a congress of words. When I write I always have this is in mind, that somebody is going to read this and hence I should write it with hiding my imperfections even in a personal diary and even now, not just hiding imperfections but a pursuit to maintain a self image which will be acceptable, desirable, enticing.. At least for Facebook, I can say most people are there for the same reason, more or less. I do not want to go into the evolutionary biological perspective of how it’s all a mating game, but it is. There needs to be an awareness within, and moreover a collective awareness of this thought that what we do is to show the curated image of ourselves. While doing a critical thinking or analysis, we have to be able to detach ourselves from the the work at hand as much as possible. I think writing does a better job at this than speech and others if one is able to do so. Though thoughts move at faster pace, we only write or type at a limited speed, this gives one the ability to reflect and see through the web of words.

I am also here because I want to write more and learn to write better. Also to read a lot so that I can write interesting thoughts which may come and boost my self image may be? Don’t know.. I have been thinking of keeping thoughts within or letting them flow, I think there needs to be something in between, the middle path..

What is Medium? Let me explore!

“Buddham sharanam gachhami”