Pepe the Frog, Irony and Hate Speech
Mark Inman, Ph.D.

This article is brilliant in both conception and inception…cough cough.

The ways in which the gross and repellant become acceptable and common place. Like Trump. Or neurological waterboarding. Enough already! But freedumbs and the Constitution….

Russian troll farms feel free to pump out thousands of disinformation mind control and chemtrail videos and calling them “alternative” “news” “Gov doesn’t want you to know.” Intentionally degrading the internet and resonating perfectly with right wing Breitbart politics as a bonus.

Putting Pepe on a channel description or on a twitter feed doesn’t make it satiric, legitimate or alt. The National Enquirer and Globe aren’t satire even though they should be. They are put out by David Pecker who is Trump friendly as is the WWE’s Vince McMahon. Like the infamous Roy Cohn as Trump’s lawyer back in the day. Beyond lowlife satire and self parody. Bump, the Nat’l Enquirer of politics and of existence.

The extreme of lefty SJW trigger warnings won’t catch on. Calling Trump *miso-gyn-istic* or *thexist* is almost a joke in itself not to mention “Lamay” which is why the movie Zoolander was necessary to make fun of hipster PC asexual post human extremes and hype. Many levels above Pepe the Frog.

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