4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

To paraphrase Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman from Brooklyn, “Keep an open mind — but not so open that your brain falls out.”

Both left and right versions of identity politics are the worst but I’ll go left anytime. That said, between them RW nationalism wins elections in times of mass displacement. Left wing gender studies from Room 101 makes some people feel good but will never be the catalyst for winning anything as the primary driver. It’s the left wing version of 4 chan only on the losing side. This version of liberal politics has little to say to anyone on the right or middle. It speaks to itself for itself by itself while including everyone. Little to say, needless to say, to the sports minded. It might make the average persons skin crawl which is why the Democratic Party is dead without someone in sports or a Bill Gates, Zuck, Eric Schmidt taking a leadership role. It was dead before the election with Clinton as its last hope. If elected she’d likely face committee hearing after hearing and then impeachment with a Republican Congress. Trump isn’t Hitler or Mussolini. He’s Republican.

Watch what’s happening on the front pages of the National Enquirer peeking out at checkout counters across the world or on the Bowling Green “Mandela Effect” fringes of You Tube and then think of the latest speech or tweet from Trump. Sometimes they match up perfectly.

Think of the average gamer of any age. Or the average newly discharged veteran listening to RW radio with lowlife sponsors selling rigged car loans or loans for everything. The average sausage factory Trump U diploma mill or law school grad or Ivy Leaguer drowning in debt. Many grab on to anything labeled outlier “alternative” particularly troll farm YT bs videos by females selling RW Zoolander National Enquirer “news.” Listening to the Alex Jones/ David Icke mountain of bs or DJT birther bs even when they know it’s conjob lying. They don’t mind listening to birther Trump yelling about what he considers “fake news.”

The call and response compelling narrative by a Celebrity App reality show “ratings magnet” salesman whose “friends” include Russian backers for his Soho Hotel in NYC when no one else would back him. Or Chinese banks or TBTF Deutsche Bank. No wonder he hated ACA, he’s a billionaire drowning in debt to others who are also drowning in debt. ACA cuts into his hotel and restaurant profit margins. Now he has a nuclear arsenal behind him. Sad ain’t the word. Malignancy.

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