Control Your Channel

Having the same, daily flow of all-inclusive content in your feed can become tiring. Who wants to scroll through a feed that’s not altered to fit their interests? Newer apps have started to tackle this problem by instigating, “channels.” Event channels are provided on most newer sharing apps, with interest-based channels such as “Comedians” and “Makeup Tutorials” being featured on Instagram, and location-specific channels such as “UCLA Story” being a substantial feature on Snapchat.

While Snapchat users’ story placement in public stories is determined by the time posted, Instagram users’ post placement in channels is often determined by their popularity. Instagram’s post-grading process, combined with the lack of an option to actually subscribe to any channel, leaves users without the guarantee of sharing their content with others.

Meanwise is aiming to fix a prominent shortcoming of sharing apps by providing those who use their new app with the option of sharing content with all fellow subscribers of the same channel — creating a more meaningful sharing platform in the process.

Users are encouraged to create posts that give viewers insight into their work and life, content that matters — culminating in a Live Profile. Channels are constructed to give the opportunity to share content to relevant categories —with channel categories expanding beyond events, locations, and random interests.

Due to Meanwise’s sharing process, individuals’ posts are guaranteed to be shared with like-minded people. Thus, users are effectively drawn together with a sense of community.

Want to be part of this meaningful community? Starting tomorrow, 1st of November individuals who want to be invited to test the initial app can register on the Meanwise website. Beta testing of the app is currently scheduled to take place from November to December of this year. Join Meanwise, and start your own adventure towards meaningful sharing.