Identity, Passion and Purpose

One of our basic desires has always been to reach out and connect with others. The Internet has given us a great opportunity to do so, and social media — combined with every advancement in communications technology — has fueled this hunger. In the ever-changing dynamics of social media, we are faced with the challenge of accurately and efficiently conveying our own selves for the community to perceive in the way we want.

There is an emerging trend where the rigid structure of some social media platforms has constructed an environment whereby we miscommunicate our personalities to the community at large and, in some cases, have had the counter effect of us embracing the personas that are forced upon us. The counter productivity of such situations has led to the breeding of negativity amongst its users, while creating hostile environments.

The platforms that still do retain a positive environment are close to becoming no more than advertising and marketing tools, which has dulled down the initial excitement of discovery and likeminded skillsets among the vast majority of internet socials.

We have gradually been losing our goals to productively utilize the Internet to network, build relationships, and garner an effective outcome from our talents and expertise. The equal opportunity once granted by social networks is but today’s mere memory.

There are over a billion computers, and nearly four billion mobile phones, in the world; with the numbers increasing by the minute. Consumers of these two pieces of technology contribute to 139 million sources of information, such as blogs and podcasts with an audience of half-a-billion per day. These are astounding numbers, and it makes one wonder if the input of such massive numbers is actually generating an equivalent output.

It is time for a change. We cannot expect a user base or follower base to change when the system itself is the problem. In today’s social community, people are seeking a way to express their selves as realistically as they can; and it’s become evident that this cannot be done via limited characters, random images or re-sharing another’s opinion. We need to give back individuality to each member of the community.

A free form application that gives total control to the user, to proverbially broadcast the essential aspects of their lives, including skillsets that could garner customers, information that would bring in followers, personalities that could influence and help the community: the possibilities could once again become endless and the environment could become boundless with just one dynamic change.

That is the beauty of Internet: that it is ever evolving and changing dynamics. We need platforms that take charge by seeing it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, and build resilient social networks that do not fade into the archives of the cliché, “So last year.”