Our Makeover: Meanwise’s New Look

With the help of your feedback, we’ve redesigned our product to make it more intuitive, visually appealing and simpler to use. Major product changes are never easy. Our developers worked around the clock to take the product apart and put it back together, but we believe this was a necessary step for us to get to to the next level.

We listened to what you had to say and tried to bring out the best of everything you loved about Meanwise — and fixed what you felt could be improved. We know the changes are broad, but the best time to experiment is early on since it can become more complicated as we grow. Meanwise will continue to evolve as a product both in terms of User Experience and Functionality.

Here are some of the design changes we are rolling out:


We’ve changed the layout of the Explore Screen to let you view more content at once, while adding new sections: “Trending”, “Influencers” and “Discussions” to give you more to interact with.


The most significant change was made to the design of the Search screen. We have completely revamped the interface and introduced a new gesture: by tapping and holding your finger on the profile photo, you are able to view a mini profile of the user without having to leave the Search screen.


Our Mission centers around the Profile & Portfolio features - which is what we’ve focused on improving. We have updated the Portfolio screen with a new grid layout, while adding a navigation bar to help easily filter content.


We have overhauled the design of our comment threads to improve legibility. We encourage you to engage in discussions — which is a huge part of our goal of building communities.

The redesigned Meanwise app will roll out in the App Store today.

– Hilal Agil, Co-Founder / CEO