Like a memory in a modernist novel, a cat bounds toward me. I told a tenant of my childhood home who had stolen the neighbor’s cat that when I was little, an old couple, who I’m sure we thought of as basically witches, fed our cat. Everybody hates free association.

Now that Matthew Goode is vampire Christian Grey, yes, even though Christian Grey is non-vampire Edward Cullen, it’s strange to think only ten years ago he played Charles Ryder. From bounding toward someone to someone one bounds toward. Though certain things put him on all fours, too: his twitter bio would read “Highland stag chaser.”

My experiments with noninterventionist listening have given me a being that goes to work in my body, in which I’m embedded like a GoPro.

A friend of a friend has unbelievably found a way of looking at cats previously not found on the internet. Internet cats are all domestic cats. They’re a shorthand for the houses and apartments they inhabit, a way for people to defamiliarize their surroundings and so appreciate them as one does someone else’e. The cats of catsofganga are *actually* the actual inhabitants of ganga hostel, not just in the owner’s life-sustaining fantasy. These cats have no owner, though they’re not precisely strays. catsofganga looks at them in the wild, which is also a girls hostel. As she puts it, the cats are “pussies from a JNU girls hostel.”

One of the cats has a coat with a spiral like a galaxy, which for reasons beyond me attracts objects that attract objects that attract, etc etc etc, in a disc pattern, like a food processor. A friend who lives in LA is buying a food processor with the money she got from renting out her apartment for filming. In LA, anything can become mise en scene at any time. It’s not that you know you could be surveiled at any time, it’s that you could be on set.

It took me a month to decide what kind of blender to order, and when my father started cleaning out the storage sheds that lurk like backne next to the house, he unearthed a nearly identical model covered in at least a decade of dust.