A 13 Year Old’s View on Social Media
Soroush Ghodsi

This article makes me very glad that I’m 55 years old and grew up at a time when none of this stuff existed. We had social pressures of our own, of course, but it seems like they paled by comparison to the ones that kids have to deal with today. “Like” this, “follow” that, worry about not only what the people you deal with face-to-face think of you but what remote people in other parts of town, or the country, or the world, are thinking. The problem with every technological advance that makes life easier and opens up new worlds is that it then also quickly becomes a necessity which introduces a new set of rules, complexities and expenses. Just as my generation couldn’t imagine life without a car or a TV or a phone (the old-fashioned dial kind!), now people can’t be without iPhones and Instagram. I shudder to think what the generation of kids coming of age in 2050 will have to go through!

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