Why I got Engaged and Other 1 Second Decisions I’ve Made… Part 1

So about a year ago I had just moved out of my ex girlfriend’s house.

(Well it was more getting kicked out, but that’s another story for another day.)

I just moved into my current roommate’s house and didn’t know what to do with myself. My days were spent working, my nights were a blur of drinking myself to sleep or going out and getting nearly kicked out of my favorite bar.

Needless to say it got old quick.

After a couple of months of this I decided to get back into the dating scene. There’s no use in staying miserable forever, right? Well two more months of just lazy hook ups and having to Uber myself back home got old quick.

Just getting home from the bar and scavenging my near empty fridge for something I hope I didn’t cook yet. While scarfing down a cold can of ravioli I get a text from “her”.

Her was my ex from a previous relationship that ended around two years ago. One of my longer relationships and one I never really got over nor ever really thought would come back.

“Hey, my parents are complaining your junk mail is being sent to their house. Fix that shit.”

I thought to myself for a moment. That moment ended up being a good 10–15 minutes before I decided on something to reply with.

Needless to say this conversation went from junk mail to reconnecting. A week later we met up for drinks and talked over what happened to us. Why did we break up? Why did we do the things we did towards the end?

I finally felt something I’ve never really felt with anyone I’ve dated.


This feeling was weird to me. It felt good. Compared to how all of my breakups ended it felt fresh and comforting.

After a few hours of talking about our past year and the choices we’ve made (idiotic or smart) we decided to give it another go. We missed each other. I could feel it and she could feel it. We never really left each other’s thoughts when you think about it.

A couple of weeks later I asked her if we could get engaged.

She said yes.

Now I don’t know why I asked her. Was it spur of the moment? Did I really mean it? Maybe I was feeling cynical?

I’m still not sure to this day, but I do know I didn’t regret it. Even throughout the fights and shit talking. Even despite our butting personalities…I can say I was pretty content with myself and what I chose to do.

And then…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Thanks for reading! This series is a work in progress and sort of a venting tool /auto-biography of shit I went through that I never really talked about before. I plan on doing at least one story a day.

I’m still working on my writing and finding my voice, but please feel free to let me know any criticism or tips!