Writing about testing with React and GraphQL is on my TODO list for sure!
Simon Tucker

Thanks! That Redux documentation cleared a lot of it up for me when it comes to testing React. It had a lot of what I wanted to know, and even in the libraries that I liked.

For GraphQL testing, I’m still unsure how to put together what you described. Is there any chance you could do a tiny example? I agree that it is certainly “not well defined”. I know how to mock an entire server as it’s covered in the documentation you liked, your tutorial, and the official tutorial, however I certainly don’t know how to mock parts and test against those parts temporarily. I also found this tutorial https://medium.com/entria/testing-a-graphql-server-using-jest-4e00d0e4980e and am unsure what is going on here because it seems like they’re using real queries and actually saving things to the database to be tested? This also seems more server tests testing resolvers, and you’re mostly describing client tests, right?