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As digital era has become booming, more and more entrepreneurs have begun, wondering what is the most effective way to advertise their businesses in 2020? We can see a significant impact of online advertising on business growth globally and by 2023 it is estimated that over $517 Billion would be spent on Digital Advertising alone. Isn’t that insane?

There are many ways to advertise your business and today we will review the most effective ways such as Organic Web Traffic, Email marketing, Programmatic advertising. …

The recent pandemic that overwhelmed the world has been difficult for the most of us as many businesses are desperately trying to keep their heads above the water. It’s become obvious that most businesses are unsure on what needs to be done and how they should tackle this problem.

Some believe they should face everything head-on by continuing to run all of their upcoming marketing campaigns exactly as they were originally intended while others think that all existing marketing needs are to be redone from scratch. …

Have you ever wondered how many times display ads on the wall prompted you to stop doing whatever you were doing and go on in search of product shown on that display ads? I suggest you’d rather not count.

However, how do companies globally measure the sheer impact of such poster ad as they cannot prove that a poster ad on that specific wall is driving sales. Marketers face a similar problem with display ads: if only 10 people out of every 100 click, what effect do the other 90 impressions have on sales growth?

In this blog we will…

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool developed by Google that helps you analyze your website traffic and overall performance. With Google Analytics, you can track return on Investment (ROI) for your online marketing activities, build custom reports, setup goal tracking and so much more.

You can sort your website visitors with multiple dimensions like where they came from, what device they are using and so on and with metric like what page they clicked on and what item they have added to their cart etc.

Dimensions are attributes of your data. For example, the dimension…

There’s a common trend worldwide which leads to ad spend increase every year and projections suggest that it will even surpass traditional advertising in the nearest future.

It is proven fact that customers are more likely to spot your ads online than anywhere else. Recent studies show that 2018 was the turning point in the industry as it was the first time that customers spend more time online than in any other media out there, thus we can say that paid advertising will grant us access to a wider audience of customers worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Marketers and regular…

Why is Brand Awareness Important?

Brand awareness or brand recognition is important as it’s the first step in the marketing funnel and it’s the foundation of your business no matter if it’s online or offline. There are multiple reasons why it’s important. To start, brand awareness helps keep your brand in the minds of the audience and follow them around wherever they go. If your customers are familiar with your brand and get comfortable with it then, they are most likely to purchase your product. Thus, increase sales for your business.

Brand recognition helps you achieve a wide range of…


As we all know marketing funnel is one of the most important assets in anyone’s online business. This exact process converts a stranger into a customer thus help e-shop owners turn a profit. However, if you want to improve your conversion rate as you see some potential there then retargeting is the right way to do it.

Monitoring your customer’s behavior online and use special triggers to push them back to your site and make that purchase. Retargeting is an excellent way to improve your ROI (Return on Investment) but it’s not done as easily as you might think…

Meazy: fully automated retargeting platform for online stores.

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