Magic, Myths, and Mondays

I’ve decided to start loving Mondays.

Do I believe in destiny?
 Yes, I really think I do.
 I need to believe that the world has real magic in it.
 I mean, why does Harry Potter resonate and stay with so many people?

Because we all want to something to believe in. People can believe in Harry and his world.

Belief in some form or another is pumped down our throats as children.

I believe it’s partly because the world is a scary place. Coating the world in mysterious creatures that grant wishes in the night. Just because we aren’t children anymore doesn’t mean we don’t need that comfort — actually, it is quite the opposite in my opinion.

I know I do.
 I need it.
 Neverland. Hogwarts. Wonderland. The Shire.
 We all need somewhere impossible to give us hope, to let us look at our own world in a safer way.

Hope is priceless, and without it, we are without a map. Pain is real. So is desire. We need to, as humans to cater to that to some extent in one form or another.
 I think we need to live. I know I do, and think for awhile I’ve been afraid to.
 Pain is painful, so it’s all too easy to get caught up with caution.
 Being cautious is also good. I’m not saying be careless. All I’m reflecting on is to that listening to the heart is critical.

Well, I’ve got the first chapter of ‘Elliot Granger & The Clueless Brigade’ to outline. I’m excited about this addition to my blog. Every Friday there will be a new installment added to the story. I also have prep for the podcast. I’m gearing up for the second episode of my podcast.
 By the way, an enormous thank you to everyone who subscribed to my podcast on iTunes. There has been so much support for the first epidote of ‘Too Many Words’ and I really appreciate it. Thank you.
 Well, that’s it for now.
 Until next time.
 Thanks, for reading.


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Originally published at on March 21, 2016.

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