Assignment 2

A good friend outside at sunset
The same good friend outside in an open area with no shade in the middle of the day
Middle of the day, in a well shaded area
Using light already in the room
Lamp as a light source. I found that the more direct light, the warmer the shot would be. This particular shot ended up very red, and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.
books with whatever light is present
books with a lamp without a shade
books in open shade during the day
This shot was pretty difficult for me. I finally decided to use the flash in order to make this picture.
I had to play with my camera a lot to get a non-blurry shot of tennis at night.
Wakeboarding outside during the day.
My best attempt at panning!
the lines on the side of the water demostrate leading lines, pointing toward the bridge.
An old timey Dr. Pepper at an old timey grocery demostrates the rule of thirds.
An American flag wrapped around the pole shows a shallow depth of field.
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